The Healing Properties of Granite

June 29, 2011

Did you know that granite is said to have its own healing properties? 

“Granite has been honored by many cultures, particularly the Aboriginal and Mayan cultures, as a sacred and powerful stone, allowing for increased protection and abundance. Composed primarily of quartz and feldspar, it also may contain Orthoclase, which is a form of feldspar which can form in plate-like layers, short prismatic crystals and tabular inclusions. This stone works well on skepticism. Allows for diplomacy, discretion, cooperativeness and negativity. Granite is a wonderful relationship balancer. Granite also has been used to strengthen the hair and ailments associated with face and head. Benefits the bones and muscle and soft tissue. Use in conjunction with Flint to stimulate the regeneration of the body’s tissue.”

So if you needed another excuse to start replacing your nasty old plastic countertops, think of the health benefits of having natural beauty and energy as the centerpiece of your home!


Corie Amundson
Stone Age Granite
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